We’re transforming the way UK business access the funding they need

From business loans and asset finance to bridging loans and development finance, we help UK businesses and property professionals access the right finance solutions.



of business loan applications fail due to poor quality processes and applications. Working with an experienced broker increases the success rate.


of UK businesses only consider one provider when seeking a loan. With a range of lenders all competing for your business, you could be missing out better rates and lower costs.

Here's how it works


Our service will be available to any of the 6 million small and medium-sized enterprises and their advisors. It is designed to help these organisations thrive.  

We address a massive opportunity across the UK which has been widely recognised in the space - from the Bank of England to small businesses themselves - and everyone in between. 

At our heart are the software, systems and data that empower businesses to achieve their aspirations by ensuring that they have simple and efficient access to finance that suits their needs. 

We’re building rich, meaningful, and hugely actionable data on businesses, their funding requirements, and the lending products available in the market.

Predictive algorithms help Finance Nation and its intermediary partners to successfully serve customers by:

  • curating appropriate deals
  • providing more options to access finance and give business funding applications a greater chance of success
  • helping to build deep client relationships and adding valuable context

Strong Relationships

We have robust relationships with a wide range of lenders. Our lenders include traditional banks plus a range of specialist banks and alternative lenders.


Experienced Team

Our broking team has experience spanning business loans, asset finance, invoice discounting, commercial mortgages, bridging loans and development finance.


Better Solutions

Detailed knowledge of UK lenders, combined with strong relationships and experience means we can help you secure the best funding solution for your business.


“We're here to help business owners and property professionals find the best finance solutions at the best possible rate.”

Craig Peterson

  • All the management team are driven by their desire to help SMEs. Every member of the team has experience of either building their own businesses or working with SMEs and understands how unfair the current market structure is. We recognise the importance of SMEs to society and the contribution they make for everyone. They are vital to us all.
  • Any SME or anyone who works with SMEs knows how hard it is to get the financial support they need. In 1988 40% of all bank lending went to SMEs, yet today it is closer to 4% despite the big 5 banks still being the largest providers of finance overall. This is a huge drag on the economic success of the UK. The Bank of England has acknowledged the problem in its response to the Van Steenis report on the future of finance in the UK confirming that it supports the introduction of digital legal identifiers for SMEs and portable digital credit files.
  • The principals involved in building Finance Nation go way beyond the provision of simple loans but the UK lending market alone for SMEs is @£35Bn per annum. The solution we are building has the potential to meet multiple needs. By building comprehensive digital footprints Finance Nation will help SMEs access all the services they need for their financial health from “cradle to grave” including Pensions, Insurance, Equity, Wealth Management etc.
  • At Finance Nation we want to work closely with all areas of the value chain whether you are an investor, an SME, a professional advisor, a broker, a lender or indeed if you offer advice or services which could be included within the platform. Some platforms and data companies believe that a fully technological solution is all that is required to support SMEs. We disagree. We believe in technology with humanity. The over-arching aim of the business is to provide a layer of support to SMEs which involves all their key stakeholders. It is up to the SMEs to decide who they are, and our job to respect and support that.